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SEO And SEA: What Is The Difference?



SEO and SEA: SEO (Search Engine Optimization) which is natural referencing and SEA (Search Engine Advertising) which is paid referencing, are the two main online marketing strategies used to position yourself well on search engines. Due to certain budget constraints, companies that want to gain visibility on the internet and want to be among the best on Google are generally forced to choose one of these SEO strategies. Although they have similarities, it is important to know the differences between SEO and SEA.

SEO is a process designed to increase the visibility of a website in search engine results for free. Of course, this better positioning of your website can only be effective after users have entered keywords related to your field of activity. This is obviously why SEO relies heavily on keywords, not only to drive traffic to your website, but also to ensure quality traffic. This is why SEO professionals use specific tools to identify the most suitable keyword research intentions.

How to have a good SEO?

In order to benefit from a good optimal natural referencing you must base yourself on the quality, a good SEO will be based on:

  • Optimization of the technical structure of the pages of the site.
  • Create qualitative content with high added value, thus increasing the conversion rate.
  • Net-linking: you must create a grid of links to connect your site with other quality sites, the sole purpose of which is to gain more visibility and potential customers. On Google, this is currently the most efficient method.

To implement these techniques, you must perform many actions that meet the quality standards reviewed by Google robots. It will analyze these criteria for free to position the site on the SERP.

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What is SEA?

SEA is a paid digital marketing method. It includes ads that highlight businesses and professionals on search engines. This is why it is a question of paid referencing .

Specifically, advertising campaigns follow the auction system on Google. Brands use the Google Ads advertising network to display their ads on Google search results pages.

Advertisers choose to pay for their campaign according to one of the following 3 formulas:

  • CPM is the cost per thousand impressions
  • CPC is the cost per click
  • CPA is the cost per acquisition

In addition to the Google search engine, advertisers can also target their ads on other Google platforms with YouTube , Gmail or others. Similarly, they can also carry out their SEA activities on the websites of other advertising management publishers.

If we observe the market carefully, the SEO system most adopted by B2B companies is natural referencing because it is a long-term investment at a reduced price and allows better traffic acquisition. However, it should be noted that SEO is gradually disappearing and must be accompanied by SEA , especially when you have an immediate optimization project. Natural referencing is quite slow to generate traffic while with SEA it is done automatically.

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