A netlinking campaign remains the right SEO tool to boost the notoriety and credibility of a website. Its purpose is to increase the popularity of a website in order to improve the positioning of its pages in search engine results. As part of the website optimization process, it is one of the levers necessary for the performance of a natural referencing strategy. However, the regular improvement of the quality of netlinking is strongly recommended. To achieve this, here are some link-generation techniques to achieve this goal.

1. Boost the number of incoming links with link baiting

The purpose of link baiting is to increase the number of external links or backlinks that refer users to your website pages. To do this, you must write compelling, original, and relevant content by targeting your readers. This is the only condition for the creation of incoming links to be done in an optimal and natural way. In addition, content has quality when it deals with topics that meet the search intentions of Internet users. Better still, the authenticity of an item is also a guarantee of quality. A website hosting such content is quickly considered a reference by Internet users and other platforms. They then generate natural inbound links that provide access to this trusted source.Creating content in the form of infographics, tutorials, complete guides, rankings, and webinars… is an effective technique for link fishing. 

2. Use social networks to improve netlinking

The best way for SEOs to use social media to generate backlinks is through their profiles. Link to your website from all your social profiles. Consider including keywords in your profile description text. Today, Google contextualizes links and values ​​the semantics surrounding this link.To put social networks at the service of your netlinking strategy, you must be present in the main networks like Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, etc. However, the creation of attractive content is important in order to encourage your community to share your content on the web. Catch the influencers of your theme, flatter their ego with your content, and link back to show the article to their community. 

3. Go for a Skyscraper method

The Skyscraper method is an inbound marketing technique introduced by Brian Dean of backlinko.com in 2015. This technique consists of creating better content than those already existing on the web. The challenge is to write high-quality, useful content for your buyer persona.Be sure, however, to choose a popular and appropriate subject that relates to those developed in your writings or blog. Another necessary precaution is to include additional details to differentiate yourself from competing for content. This involves finding a different editorial angle and authoritative external links. Tools like Ahrefs and Site Explorer can help.

4. Improve your netlinking thanks to directories

Registration on Web directories is one of the most used netlinking methods in the past. The sine qua noncondition is always to select a suitable directory. Indeed, there are many tools of this type and not all of them offer the same level of indexing on the engines. You can register on a paid directory, a public directory, a specialized directory, or the free version. However, choosing the right directories is very important.How to choose the right directories to get good links?

  • select directories with Trust Flow greater than 20opt for directories dealing with a single theme check that the directory asks to write a unique descriptionchoose directories that offer hard-coded links

In general, the results are visible only from a dozen backlinks. 

5. Guest blogging or exchanging thematic links

Thematic link exchange is a smart link exchange technique based on reciprocity. However, it requires good organizational capacity. This method consists in accepting a guest article of the same thematic proximity. In exchange, a DoFollow link with an optimized anchor will be integrated into the content. Before using this method, you must first identify the sites of the same sector in order to facilitate the exchange.Exchanged backlinks must also be associated with anchors labeled with optimized words or phrases. However, you need to exchange a minimum of 10 backlinks in order to get results. This increases your chances of indexing with search engines.

6. Buy sponsored links on netlinking platforms

Link buying platforms connect advertisers and publishers with the aim of obtaining quality links more easily. Linkbuilding is a time-consuming task, so these platforms speed up the identification of sites likely to be relevant to your link profile. Netlinking platforms such as Rocketlinks, and Getfluence offer thousands of sites covering a large number of themes. The danger of buying links through sponsored articles and making bad choices about your link profile. Do you know the volume of monthly links you need, the themes of the sites to be favored, the minimum TF, the type of anchor, etc…So be accompanied by netlinking professionals to avoid a Google Penguin penalty. 

Link building is not enough

If you want your website to rank well and go unpunished, it’s not enough to build new links. You should take care of your link profile and disavow all toxic links.

Where do all the spammy links come from?

Maybe you bought a few, or maybe your SEO netlinking agency didn’t care too much about the quality of the links they created for you.The truth is, you can get bad links anytime. Your competitors don’t want your website to rank well. They can plan a negative SEO attack by sending lots of spammy links to your website.Monitor your backlink profile through SEO tools and perform proactive disavowals through the Google Search Console.