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4 Levers Of Traffic Acquisition For E-commerce Site

Traffic Acquisition

Do you want to increase the traffic of your e-commerce site, but you don’t know how? Discover the main levers of traffic acquisition that have been proven.

Why is good traffic on an e-commerce site necessary?

Today, 40 million people buy on the internet or 54% of internet users. Online shopping is a booming industry and it would be a shame to neglect essential avenues to increase your turnover.

Generating traffic is vital for an e-commerce site. The principle is simple: the more visits you generate to your site, the more sales possibilities you get for your products.

Warning: we are not talking about inflating the numbers for no reason, but of acquiring qualified traffic, in other words, targeted prospects likely to be interested in what you are selling.

Because it gives you information about your customers

Low traffic doesn’t give you enough feedback about your market and customers. Analyzing the behavior of your customers on your online store is essential: how much time do they spend on it, which pages are the most visited, etc. 

More traffic will allow you to better analyze your weak points and focus on your strong points.

The more data you collect on your prospects and customers, the more efficiently you can use Google Analytics and implement the right marketing strategy for your e-commerce.

Logically, the development of your traffic sources will lead in its wake to an improvement in your turnover.

SEO, one of the most powerful allies

You have undoubtedly come across the terms of natural referencing or SEO, perhaps without really knowing their meaning. 

When an Internet user performs a search on Google or any other search engine, he is looking for an answer to a question, a solution to his problem. And of course, he wants reliable information and quality content.

Thanks to SEO (the acronym for Search Engine Optimization), you can position your website in the first results of a search page. This place of choice can only be achieved on the condition of providing an adequate and precise response to a prospect’s request.

SEO does not require financial investment

Unlike SEA (paid advertising on search engines), you do not need to have a significant cash flow to benefit from the positive impact of natural referencing.

However, you will have to invest your time to succeed in your SEO strategy. The effects of SEO are visible after a while, so you have to be patient.

However, remember one thing: if the investment in terms of time and work was made at the beginning, the SEO maintenance of your site is much less time-consuming afterward.

This effective lever is accessible to all budgets and remains one of the most formidable pillars in terms of traffic acquisition.

SEO brings qualified traffic to your e-commerce site

As I said before, a prospect lands on your site after typing a query on a search engine. He clicks on your link because he wants an answer to this request.

If your natural referencing is well done, your site naturally brings the solution, the right product to your prospect. The conversion rate will then increase significantly.

And when we know that the first three search results concentrate 75% of Internet user clicks, we understand the importance of being well positioned! 

SEO brings continuous traffic

During a search, Internet users generally use the same keywords. The good news for you is that it means you can stay high on Google for a very long time.

New Internet users will type the query you have placed yourself on every day and your traffic will constantly increase. These prospects will be likely to buy.

With this ability to predict your visitor flow, you can also forecast your business needs and possible future investments.

Social networks, vectors of loyalty

Today, ignoring social media is a terrible idea. Previously reserved for private and family use, they are now a performance lever in the field of digital marketing.

Social networks increase your visibility

First of all, it should be remembered that social networks are no less than 46 million users in Pakistan. 

The essential advantage of a social network lies in the notion of proximity. The shares and interactions are more numerous and simpler; thanks to this bond woven over time, prospects develop an attachment relationship with your brand.

This community spirit will more easily bring a feeling of trust that will convert your prospects into loyal customers.

However, running a social network takes a long time and requires some skills. Calling on a community manager can be a good initiative.

Social networks are generators of social proof

Social proof is a classic in marketing. It is defined by testimonials from satisfied customers, validation of the quality of products by an external speaker.

Social networks play an essential role in providing social proof: the number of likes on your page, the likes on your posts and the sharing of your publications are an indicator of authority for Internet users.

Do not hesitate to use these figures as an argument to convince your future buyers. Having a large number of prospects will help your brand recognition.

It’s time to boost your web traffic! I want to talk to an SEO consultant

Influencer marketing, the promotion of your products by leaders

In a natural referencing strategy, it is essential to obtain backlinks, external links pointing to your site. For Google, this is proof of relevance and therefore a reason to place yourself a little higher in the results.

Guest articles, expert words

Do you know of a blog whose theme is close to yours and which already has a good reputation? Offer to write a guest article!

Now is the time to show your expertise, the accuracy of your thinking, and your ability to take into account the needs and questions of your readers.

Again, a relevant backlink will bring qualified traffic to your site and increase the reputation of your business.

Influencers, partners to improve your notoriety

Influencers are now the new stars of the internet. Followed by a large and loyal community of Internet users, they can promote your brand and your products to their audience on their blog, their YouTube channel, or other social networks.

An internet user very often follows an influencer because he shares his values, his convictions. A relationship of trust is established.

Two scenarios come into play. First, the influencer recommends products they believe in. Second, it’s followed by a big community and it’s social proof that comes into play.

When an influencer talks about your site or your products, they become your brand ambassador. Its notoriety then rubs off on your business.

Be careful, however: an influencer does not have the obligation to speak well of your product. If he decides to list the faults, the resulting publicity would turn out to be rather negative.

Advertising, instant leverage

I mentioned above SEA, Search Engine Advertising. As opposed to SEO which is completely free, SEA is chargeable.

SEA allows you to get immediate results

The main advantage of paid advertising is its immediacy: your Google Adwords advertising campaign is able to bring you traffic in just a few minutes. This speed of action also leads to an increase in your turnover.

However, keep in mind that by relying only on the flow of visitors brought by a paid search campaign, you will be condemned to reinvest each time in paid advertising to keep this traffic that is not acquired.

Paid advertising requires significant cash flow

A SEA campaign is a significant financial investment. For an advertisement to work, it must be attractive, original, and well thought out.

You will certainly need to call on professionals to continuously optimize your advertising and your acquisition costs.

And if you don’t have constant traffic resulting from SEO and difficulty in cutting your budget, you will be in a hurry to relaunch your advertising campaign without an adequate budget.

It is preferable to use the SEA to boost a natural referencing already in place. You thus ensure your back in case of problems, and paid advertising brings you traffic on keywords already defined in advance.

You are now armed with the best levers for acquiring traffic to get your online business off the ground! Do not hesitate to test to determine which one is best suited to your strategy.

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