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How to write a good meta description?

How to write a good meta description

Why waste time writing a good meta description if it has little impact on the natural referencing of a page? Quite simply because it is what encourages the reader to click on the title of your page rather than another!

Between technique and persuasion, we explain how to write a good meta description that will boost the visit rate of your articles.

How to write a good meta description: 7 tips

Writing a meta description is governed by certain rules, even if these are subject to change depending on the wishes of the search engines.

We still remember that in 2018, Google pleasantly surprised the world by increasing the appearance of the number of visible characters of a meta description on search pages… before returning to the old version.

So how to write a good meta description? you must therefore focus your attention on three things:

  • The number of characters
  • The main keyword
  • The summary of the page

However, these three elements alone are insufficient to achieve the ideal meta-description. Here are 8 tips to know!

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1. The number of characters

155 to 160 characters including spaces: this is the recommended size for a meta description according to Google.

Beyond this limit, additional characters will not be readable by Internet users. So be sure to insert the important elements of your meta description at the beginning of the sentence.

2. Write an engaging description

We have known for several years that meta descriptions are not part of the SEO factors used by Google. However, they remain of significant interest since they are often used as extracts in Google search results and can therefore influence the click-through rate of a page.

Hence the need to write engaging text, which will encourage Internet users to visit your site!

3. Main keywords

Why include keywords in your meta description?

  • On the one hand, this encourages Google to select the meta description as a snippet in search results. If the main keywords (Digital Agency Lahore) are not there, the engine will try to find another snippet elsewhere on the page.
  • On the other hand, the keywords corresponding to the Internet user’s search are displayed in bold in the SERPs, which makes the result more visible.

4. The page summary

The text of a meta description must be unique in addition to having to summarize the content of the page. This is a kind of teaser that should make the reader want to read the content.

In this meta description, for the query “write a blog article”, we indicate to the Internet user that we provide them with advice for writing an article on the Internet. We therefore respond to his request while arousing his curiosity by ending our sentence with an action verb followed by ellipses.

To ensure you have meta descriptions with eye-catching text and avoid making mistakes, it may be necessary to hire a professional editor.

5. Use structured data

Using an engaging meta description containing the targeted keywords is not necessarily enough to highlight it in search results. This is why it is very useful to use markup schemas and structured data to “personalize” the snippets of your pages in the SERPs.

It is these micro-data that make it possible, for example, to display an evaluation in the form of stars, or the preparation time of a cooking recipe on Google.

6. Do not duplicate meta descriptions

The meta description of each of your pages must be unique! On Google, however, it is not uncommon to come across similar (but different) pages with the same meta description.

This is a small detail, but personalization is king when it comes to meta descriptions. Using the same one several times can give the impression of “generic” content to Internet users who often come across your pages via Google.

7. E-commerce: write meta descriptions well

If the technique of writing a meta description is the same for a product sheet as for a page (length, keyword, description), it must above all make you want to discover your product!

To do this, we advise you to highlight the advantages of the product presented. In the case presented below, we emphasize the fact that the product, a “Swimming Spa”, is intended for both sport and relaxation.

In the case of a category description, it is advisable to mention the products sold in that category and their common benefit.

Writing a meta-description well is a mixture of technique and persuasion. Ask yourself what the Internet user wants by typing their query into Google and indicating it in your meta description!


How to write a good meta description is a crucial question for enticing users to click on your page. While adhering to character limits and incorporating relevant keywords are essential, engaging and unique summaries that address user intent remain paramount. Additionally, employing structured data and avoiding duplication enhance the effectiveness of meta-descriptions.

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