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How To Create An Attractive Lead Magnet?

Lead Magnet

The lead magnet is effective marketing content that adds value to prospects. His goal? Attract visitors to a site and, above all, successfully qualify them in order to collect information that generates automatic leads. These “magnets”, which attract and qualify prospects, must above all provide quality and value that is clear, fast, and relevant.

It is important to pay attention to the content, but also to the way in which it is distributed and, in a long-term perspective, to the way in which the monitoring of the sales cycle is ensured. Before understanding how a lead magnet helps attract prospects and how to create it successful, let’s come to the most important thing: what is a lead magnet? Why is it used so much in web marketing, especially in Inbound marketing and B2B strategies, and how make it really effective for your business?

Definition of a lead magnet

A lead magnet also called “gated content”, is a service, resource, or product delivered free of charge to prospects in order to collect contact information. The objective is simple: obtain authorization to contact prospects and to continue the dialogue with them in order to convert them more easily and quickly. The previously anonymous visitor thus becomes an identified lead.

The lead magnet is most often used as an entry point into the sales funnel, but it can be effective at other stages of the funnel (just offering different value-added content), up to at the point of sale. For example, a study or a template can attract prospects to the top of the funnel, while a free ROI calculator can be offered in the middle of the buying cycle. Finally, customer trials or case studies are usually more useful at the bottom of the sales funnel. Today, the white paper is the most used lead magnet.

Why are lead magnets so popular?

The lead magnet is the perfect content to attract prospects and to convert them. Well used, it can increase its conversion rate by 50% on average. For example, the strategy you have in place is effective if you have an initial conversion rate on your website of 2% and you move to a rate of 3%.

White papers are the most popular, followed by webinars and free tools, but the success of lead magnets continues beyond these resources: they are content that must answer a problem encountered by your prospects.

Lead magnets should be easy to consume

You need to consider two things: how to promote the content and what type of resource to use to support the main content . When it comes to lead magnet promotion, you should always keep in mind that the attention of your prospects is short, even very short. It is advisable to use a clear CTA that includes the promise of finding what the prospect is looking for, including clear visual elements. You can use a site banner, a CTA at the end of a blog post, or a social media graphic to promote your lead magnet.

The type of resource used should complement the main content. Prospects need to get added value the moment they decide to give their contact information to get the lead magnet. If you decide to offer a free trial to your prospects in exchange for their contact data, when they fill out the form, automatic emails can be sent. These emails may contain demonstration videos that show how to use the different features of the software as well as its advantages. Interested prospects can thus take better advantage of this free trial and clearly measure the value of the investment in this software.

Lead magnets should solve a problem

You should always think of your lead magnets as content that provides solutions to specific problems your prospects are having, whether they are aware of it or not. The proposed solution must be specific enough to attract the right audience. If possible, try to attract both experienced professionals (who know what they want and who already know the market) and newcomer professionals. It’s an additional way to strengthen your brand image, position yourself as an expert and improve your notoriety. These magnets can be effective in attracting new leads into the sales funnel while nurturing your relationships with your already converting leads.

Give your lead magnets the strength they need to be effective

Our team of Content Marketing experts, specializing in IT and B2B, helps you create effective lead magnets (white papers, customer cases, studies, free tools, templates, etc.) by focusing on each step of your sales funnel. From content strategy, through promotion and conversion optimization, OMT supports you at every stage of the sales process, in order to maximize the efficiency and conversion of your lead magnets in B2B.

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