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Best 8 B2B Marketing Trends In 2023

B2B Marketing

One of the most common beliefs is that there are digital marketing and offline marketing. However, in 2023, it is clear that this assertion no longer holds. B2B Marketing today is necessarily part of a digital world.

For what? Because in 5 years after the COVID crisis, companies have had to face the facts: everything now goes through the web and social networks and digital tools are part of our daily lives. Marketing teams must now think, act and measure while taking digital into account.

This evolution forces marketing professionals to be attentive to trends, develop new strategic approaches and constantly find new tools and techniques to carry out their actions.

In short, B2B in 2023 will be digital or it will not be.

Amplify your SEO efforts.

For many years, search engine visibility has been crucial for businesses… but has never been so difficult to obtain. And yet, a good part of a company’s future customers arrive through social networks or search engines.

Again, the COVID crisis has been there. Since 2020 and the period of confinement, companies have invested massively in communication and digital marketing. According to Integrate and Demand Metric research, an estimated 54% of B2B marketers plan to spend more on content creation and strategy. Result: increased competition in all areas and declining visibility opportunities for many brands.

Nevertheless, this is a normal phenomenon since visibility is the key to conversion. Without traffic, it is impossible to generate sales online or even in physical stores. According to the 29 marketing trends of 2022 study published by Hubspot, nearly a third of Internet users discover new brands/products/services thanks to their presence on the Internet.

Another trend: content creation, a pillar of visibility. Again, during the COVID crisis, companies produced content en masse to increase their visibility, but competition is tough and content requires a strong investment. Organizations are therefore increasingly relying on AI, like ChatGPT, to automate production and put SEO-optimized content online ever faster. It remains to be seen what Google’s reaction will be to this new phenomenon.

The comeback of e-mailing

You thought email was dead? Think again. The multiplication of marketing automation tools has considerably changed the way of carrying out e-mailing campaigns. Extreme personalization for a better user experience, generation of e-mails at key moments, and marketing automation have proven themselves and should continue to progress in 2023. It has also gone from 500 million euros in 2016 to 5.5 billion euros in 2020.

It is mainly based on 4 types of emails:

  • Lead nurturing,
  • Promotional;
  • Informative;
  • Educational;

E-mailing remains one of the most effective marketing methods for keeping in touch with prospects and bringing them to a website… Provided you work well upstream on the customer journey, why not, call on the lead scoring? Prospects respond to well-received emails that resonate with their needs and expectations.

Inbound marketing is still a top priority in 2023

Logically, in 2023, inbound marketing remains a safe bet for generating leads, particularly in B2B. The reason? By meeting prospects’ needs rather than trying to get their attention to a product or service, inbound marketing generates qualified leads more easily. This technique is based in particular on the creation of informative and quality content but also on marketing automation and lead nurturing.

It is also the method best suited to the specificities of the market between professionals because it allows you to discuss with prospects and get to know their expectations and needs in depth. This approach thus makes it possible to engage, reassure and retain prospects and customers by developing the brand’s image of expertise and seriousness.

It also helps to guide the prospect through the sales funnel, regardless of their maturity, by offering content adapted to each stage.

Finally, inbound marketing leads to the creation of quality content (article, video, podcast, webinar, etc.) that can more easily position itself on search engines and therefore ensure the visibility of the website.

This proven approach should continue to be a trend in the coming years.

Social ADS and the hyper-personalization of the message

Already widely used by B2C marketing professionals, social Ads should grow further in 2023. This method allows, in fact, ultra-precise targeting of the audience you want to reach. In the case of B2B, this approach is all the more relevant when dealing with professionals who are sometimes specialized in one or more fields of activity.

LinkedIn Ads is one of the most used tools by B2B marketing professionals today because of a unique feature; job targeting. Even if the cost is higher than on Google Ads, LinkedIn Ads offers a good return on investment because it allows you to reach a very qualified audience.

The podcast is becoming a habit

Undoubtedly, Podcast has become part of the habits of many Internet users. B2B companies are beginning to take ownership of this unique communication tool to offer quality and authentic content to their target.

The podcast is the ideal format to develop complex issues specific to an activity, to dialogue with peers, and also to make known the expertise of a company. Like the webinar, the podcast allows you both to improve the brand image of your company also attract expert and qualified leads. Not to be overlooked.

B2B brands are embodied through short videos

According to Hubspot, 89% of marketers worldwide plan to spend the same or more on short-form videos. And this is not exclusively reserved for B2C. More and more companies are using the Reel format, TikTok’s trademark, to reach a new audience and create engagement.

Effective, addictive, and easily shareable, short format videos are perfect for arousing the interest of prospects, even B2B, and “humanizing” the brand. Be careful though, the generation of qualified leads is not the primary goal of this format. Above all, it will make it possible to work on the notoriety of the brand and to make it visible to an audience that is difficult to reach with traditional marketing methods.

Reinvented webinars

The webinar has become an essential B2B tool since the lockdown. Perfect for engaging and generating leads but also reassuring and creating a link with your target, it is easy to produce thanks to a wide choice of tools on the market.

In 2023, it will nevertheless be necessary to know how to stand out more and more as the formula is emulated among professionals. Interactivity with the participants is also one of the main challenges of this format. The platforms now offer many features to animate and energize conferences and meetings: chat, quizzes, surveys, etc.

On the transformation side, it is also possible to integrate clickable CTAs during the webinar in order to keep the attention of your prospects. A good introduction leads prospects to consult the other content of the site and, ultimately, turn into customers.

The influencer takes its mark in B2B

The latest trend in digital marketing in 2023, is influence. Here again, it is no longer the prerogative of B2C but is increasingly becoming part of the professional world. It is a vital reassurance tool and another way of reaching a target that is still unaccustomed to this type of communication.

Internal or external experts, “super users”, personalities… the possibilities are great, even in B2B. But their choice is also decisive. These brand ambassadors must know the business sector of the company very well and respond with ease to the needs of its targets. The influencer will also be responsible for giving advice and responding in the most authentic way possible. More than in B2C, the notoriety and credibility of the influencer are key.

B2B influencer marketing offers the advantage of reaching an audience in a more natural way than email or social ads. Reassuring, engaging, and competent, the B2B influencer will undoubtedly become a key player in B2B marketing in the coming years.

One or more trends interest you and you want to implement them within your company? Do not hesitate to contact OMT experts.

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