Local SEO means improving the position of a website on the search results in a certain place. It allows professionals and trader to improve their ranking on Google, and others search engines. The visibility on search engines is a key factor in the suitability of a company in the digital age. While some e-trader aims to capture the attention of users around the world similarly. Others that act locally need to be noticed in their place. If you are looking to increase your sales in the local area, here are 7 smart tips to optimize your local SEO. 

Do Not Forget The NAP Mentions

This is the starting point of any good local referencing “NAP“. In other words, NAP means the appearance of your name, address, and phone number. This essential information is one of the criteria that has an impact on your local referencing. It must appear on your website, social networks, Google My Business page as well as on the various directories.

Take Care Of Your Google My Business Listing

Since 2014, Google My Business has allowed traders to create a free detailed file containing useful information related to their establishment. Such as address, phone number, opening hours, photos and videos, website, customer reviews, and more. Displayed on Google Maps allows users to get the answers they need to make their decisions at a glance. Google ranks GMB records according to the distance between the Internet user and the establishment. But also according to the relevance of the information provided, and the popularity of your establishment as well as its animation. Google My Business is the spearhead of local SEO. The different sections must be carefully completed. And the file must be worked to capture the attention of Internet users and transform them into customers!

Optimize Your Website For Local SEO 

When you looking to position yourself on certain keywords in which you want to improve your local SEO. Then you need to Optimize your URLs, your title tags, and H1 and Hn tags for local SEO. For example by titling a page “Hairstylist and colorist in Lahore” at the address “hairstylist-colorist-Lahore”.Although this has no direct impact on SEO. The meta description tag of your web pages is also an area of ​​choice for displaying area information. 

Collect Rare Reviews 

It may seem easy to say, but it is no less true. Positive customer reviews are favorable and weigh heavily on the balance of Internet users. By encouraging your satisfied customers to write a review on your GMB listing or social media. You will improve the reputation of your establishment and show Google that your business is frequented and popular. In addition, it can happen to receive negative customer reviews. In this case, take the time to respond politely to prove to your prospects. That makes customer satisfaction a priority.

Conquer Social Networks 

The presence of a company on social networks also contributes to local SEO. If your formation hits the mark on Facebook or Linkedin, it will have a significant advantage in the race for first place in search results. Before anything else, it is of course a question of choosing the social media which parallels your target and your field of activity. Facebook is also one of the most necessary. A restaurant will have every interest in implementing itself on Instagram. A communications consultant will rather find something to suit him on Linkedin.You need to create a page for your business and include at least your address, website, and a description of your activity. You need to consider creating attractive pages by posting quality content regularly.

Get Local Backlinks 

If you are not familiar with this term, you should know that it refers to inbound links to your website from an external site. Good backlinks witness your popularity in the eyes of Google and improve your natural referencing. To do this, besides other things, they must come from websites dealing with similar themes to yours. Real net linking campaigns may be necessary to increase your organic presence on the web.In terms of local SEO, we are also looking to get backlinks to local websites. For example, a specialty restaurant located in Lahore will benefit from being mentioned on the official Lahore tourism website. Or even better, on a blog article dealing with the best restaurants in the city. 

Have A Responsive Mobile Website 

From March 2021, Google will index the mobile version of web pages as a priority. The establishment of a website optimized for mobile browsing. Long supported by SEO professionals, is therefore becoming almost necessary. This is all, the more true for local SEO since geolocated searches are mostly carried out from mobile. In general, the user experience on mobile or desktop occupies an increasingly important place in ranking algorithms. And must remain at the center of your local SEO strategy. To boost your sales and make your establishment shine around you thanks to an efficient and tailor-made local SEO strategy, call on our SEO agency.